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Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.


Twenty years ago, I, like you, was frustrated with the lack of treatment progress I was having with narcissistic clients and tired of feeling irritated, intimidated, and defeated. I would check my schedule, and when his name was there in bold font at 4:00 PM, I would feel a dreadful pit in my stomach … but no more! The techniques I am going to give you solved this, turned my life as a practitioner around and effectively changed my client’s self-defeating patterns.

I’m talking about the challenges of dealing with an “involuntary” client. The one forced to come for therapy by a loved one fed up with his arrogant, self-righteous, and obnoxious behaviors. He had recently lost a relationship, had a disciplinary problem at work and was in legal trouble all because the “rules didn’t apply to him”. He would strut into my office – first trying to amuse me, then defiantly refuse to engage in my “touchy feely” strategies.

I found the key to effectively working with narcissistic clients.

Since then I have honed this innovative therapeutic approach to help move these clients beyond their self-destructive behavior, transforming the lives of numerous clients and their families. This approach will revolutionize your practice and drastically improve your outcomes with your most difficult clients (not just narcissistic ones, since it works well with any challenging or resistant client).

I have gone on to write a book, Disarming the Narcissist, as well as teach this approach around the globe and now have, in conjunction with PESI, created a special workshop to help you learn and incorporate these methods into your work.

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